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If you are looking for RIVO Books that can help you market your products and services, look no more. RIVO Books Is The Ultimate Entrepreneur Bookshelf Collection for generating unique ideas that effectively Paint Dreams, Excite Eyeballs, & Market Messages, now offers you a uniquely delightful selection of journals & publications.  Enjoy!



MY GARDEN JOURNAL – For A Year Of Amazing Discoveries

Pages 222        List Price $14.95         B/W Format     222 Illustrations

ISBN-13: 978-1-940961-53-8     ISBN-10: 1940961-53-X

My Garden Journal – For A Year Of Amazing Discoveries is a powerful tool for every gardener who truly values documenting their 53 weeks of successful goals, unforeseen challenges and helpful reminders.

Keeping a yearly garden journal helps clarifies your goals and plan of action. It helps you remember specific species you planted, how well they grew, as well as, personal notes and suggestions for improvement and monitoring seasonal changes.

Whether you’re keeping track of weather patterns, soil conditions, crop rotation, micro climates, seeds and seed collecting, sunlight hours, watering requirements, pest damage, or other helpful details worth tracking, a daily and weekly journal plays a key role in creating and maintaining a successful garden.

This 53-week, 365-day garden journal allows you the flexibility to start at any time of the year. You’ll have plenty of space to enter your daily goals, observations, purchases, plant labels, chores, fertilizing schedules, blooming times, experiments, harvest amounts, reminders, tips, techniques and anything else you deem important.

This day-by-day and week-by-week written record in My Garden Journal will record everything you’ve accomplished over the past year, with each year adding an additional chapter to your garden legacy of amazing discoveries. 



ISBN-13: 978-1-940961-51-4     ISBN-10: 1940961-51-3

The Art Of Journaling and Finding Your Voice is why you learned to write in the first place, because the true skill behind the concept of writing wasn’t meant to merely copy and recopy what’s already been said or written. It was meant to help you find and express your own creative voice.

 Every successful person will acknowledge, setting written goals is essential. To set a goal you have to know what you want and clarify it in words. Journaling is the first step in helping you think out loud on paper. That only starts when you pick up your pen or pencil and begin writing on a consistent daily basis.

 Most importantly, this is about you, your thoughts, your feelings, your hopes and dreams, and recording the daily value you add to your personal adventures and experiences. The Art Of Journaling is about Finding Your Voice and creating new opportunity.


Great Specialty Series Of 8 Recipe Journals

For All Of Your Favorite Recipes

100 Recipe Page Entries – 114 pages – $7.95 each









How often have you asked a friend or family member for a recipe, watched your favorite cooking show or searched the Internet or skimmed a magazine for something different and delicious, only to quickly write them on scraps of paper to eventually be lost forever?

Collecting and creating recipes is the perfect way in organizing and sharing your favorite recipes. You will find convenient sections for each of the following:

Recipe Title, Servings, Prep-Time, Cooking Time, Oven Temperatures

Space for Ingredients, Notes and Ingredient Substitutions

Space for Step-by-Step Recipe Directions

Space for Future Tip Reminders

Easy Sidebar “Recipe Shopping List’

And a 10-Star Rating System for each of your perfected recipes

You’ll no longer have any excuse for misplacing your favorite recipes meant to make your busy life easier, smarter and healthier. This recipe journal is the perfect gift to share with yourself and others who enjoy having their favorite time-tested recipes instantly available and well-organized.


ONCE UPON A TIME…Creating Short Stories From Your Life

ISBN-13: 978-1-940961-50-7     ISBN-10: 1940961-50-5

Once Upon A Time is about creating exciting ideas that exist within your creative mind. It’s your golden opportunity to explore unlimited self-directed adventures, personal experiences, desired accomplishments, vivid dreams and dynamic visions, challenging unsung heroes to rise and thrive.

You will find great satisfaction in re-visiting special moments of your life in new and fascinating ways, knowing that the direction you choose has no limits. Let your stories evolve and see what you want all of your characters to experience. Have fun and enjoy creating your first of many “Once Upon A Time…” stories.



Pursue Your Passion Now – 30-Day Challenge

Lynn & Richard Voigt

ISBN-13: 978-1-940961-49-1     ISBN-10: 1940961-49-1


Let's Get DIRTY Playing In The Garden - Featuring Access To Over 700 Free Garden Videos (RIVO Inc. - RIVO Books)

LET’S GET DIRTY: Playing In The Garden

Featuring Access To Over 700 Garden Videos

Lynn & Richard Voigt

141 Pages        $9.95       6” x 9” B/W Format

ISBN-13: 978-1-940961-39-2     ISBN-10: 1940961-39-4

“Let’s Get DIRTY Playing In The Garden” includes free access links to over 700 garden video blogs where Lynn and Richard share what they’re doing in their eclectic experimental Wisconsin Garden. Their videos are filled with lots of great tips, tools and techniques that appeal to millions of viewers from all over the world.

With tens of thousands of subscribers anxious to be instantly notified to watch their latest garden videos, you’ll soon see how Richard loves to tease Lynn while she’s trying to concentrate on the garden task at hand.

“Let’s Get DIRTY Playing In The Garden” provides over 700 informative and entertaining garden videos and blog adventures, seasonal garden tours, specimen plants and interviews, while sharing goodies from their garden to yours. As a Bonus – purchasers will be eligible to receive a free eBook copy of this book with ‘clickable hot links’ to access each video of interest on garden topics.



A Beautiful & Full Color Journal & Planner About Gardening & Gratitude

by Lynn & Richard Voigt

111 Pages        $24.95       6×9 Format       104 Full Page Color Images

ISBN-13: 978-1-940961-30-9     ISBN-10: 1940961-30-9

What’s Growing In Your Garden is a beautiful and colorful 52-week garden journal and planner that allows you to record what’s growing in your garden. It’s your personal memoir recording what you did, what worked, and new things that you learned about gardening. Most of all, it’s an opportunity to record what ultimately brings you pure joy, simple pleasure, and great happiness.

There are endless reasons why people love gardening. Gardeners are optimists that enjoy watching miracles happen on a daily and weekly basis. They know that playing in the soil enriches the soul and teaches powerful lessons about life, love, and health. For first-timers or master gardeners growing, eating and sharing a healthy, bountiful harvest is the enjoyable reward for working in a garden that is relaxing, fulfilling and extremely gratifying.



Record Your Visions Before They Disappear

Richard & Lynn Voigt

255 Pages        $14.95        6×9 Format      B/W Entry Pages

ISBN-13: 978-1-940961-36-1     ISBN-10: 1940961-36-X

Recording the wild and marvelous jumble of visions can become an amazing memory-jogging resource and valued experience. So, why not start recording your dream visions before they disappear, right now, in your own Dream Journal.

Dreams occur all of the time. We dream while we’re awake, sleeping, alert, sleepy, excited, bored, and when we’re daydreaming. Each dream produces a different kind of brain wave activity that constantly plays out in our imaginative mind day and night. Entering each vision in a Dream Journal, records them before they disappear.


Dreams and moments of inspiration play with our emotions, thoughts, impressions, actions, interactions and short-term memory. These visions will quickly fade and disappear within minutes if they aren’t quickly recorded.


MAGIC WISH LIST – Make Your Wishes Come True

by Richard & Lynn Voigt

257 Pages         $ 14.95         6×9 Format      196 B/W Entry Pages

ISBN-13: 978-1-940961-35-4     ISBN-10: 1940961-35-1

Be patient, believe and be grateful for all the blessings in your current life even when you feel overwhelmed by challenges. It’s how you choose to overcome challenges that will open the doors to unconditional dreams and wishes. New doors are always there for you to open. Wishes are simply your inner voice of endless possibilities encouraging you to take action, open them, and enter through your Magic Wish List.

Wishes come to us in many ways: dreams, ideas, and flashes of inspiration. Whenever you have a wish, all you need to do is write it down inside your Magic Wish List. If you don’t, it will be lost forever.

You don’t need to know how a wish will come true or even why it will happen. All you really need to do is believe that it will. Write it down. It simply boils down to believing in what you wish for with all of your heart and soul. This is why miracles happen every moment of every day.



Journaling Outrage Into A Power Tool For Change

Richard & Lynn Voigt

137 Pages         $ 14.95           6×9 Format       B/W Entry Pages

ISBN-13: 978-1-940961-34-7     ISBN-10: 1940961-33-5

You now have a copy of Rants In You Pants in your hands and can begin journaling your frustrations, anger and outrage, creating positive solutions.

The purpose of Rants In Your Pants is to help you turn your outrage into a power tool for change. The ultimate question is how to put your inner frustrations about the events of the day into something productive and sustainable. To do that you first need to actually see your outrage written on paper and inside this daily rant journal. You may even surprise yourself when you begin to understand your own trigger flash points.



A Journal For Confronting Worry, Anxiety & Fear

Richard & Lynn Voigt

158 Pages               $ 14.95          6×9 Format             B/W Entry Pages

ISBN-13: 978-1-940961-33-0     ISBN-10: 1940961-33-5

Your Darkest Thoughts was created as a personal journal designed to help you see and record self-inflicted thought patterns that create those feelings of worry, anxiety and fear. The good news is that many times you agonize over things that will never ever happen. Mostly illusions we think are real. Think about that for a second. Think of all the times you’ve wasted energy over the illusion of worry, anxiety and fear where nothing really happened. Yet it felt so real, sickening, and even hopeless.

Journaling is the first step in being able to see Your Darkest Thoughts, finding new ways to create more positive approaches in thinking about life.



Love, Hope & Dreams     Richard & Lynn Voigt

200 Pages               $ 14.95           6×9 Format             B/W Entry Pages

ISBN-13: 978-1-940961-31-6     ISBN-10: 1-940961-31-9

What better place to keep your deepest thoughts and feelings about love, hope and dreams than in a Secret Diary. A secret diary is where all the exciting and eventful adventure of life are recorded. Even days that appear dull and boring can have special moments of meaning worthy of recording. It may be a dream, a fantasy, or something that happened to a school bully, a teacher, co-worker, boss, friend or family member that’s worthy of adding to your secret diary.

But most of all, keeping a secret diary is really about you and your feelings about your daily experiences. It’s a wonderful way to express your feelings about love, hope and dreams, as well as, venting your inner fears and frustrations. And if for some reason you take time away from writing in your diary, when you do return, don’t try to reinvent the past, rather continue writing about the events of today.

So rather than ignoring deepest thoughts and feelings about love, hope and dreams, consider having fun in sharing “My Secret Diary” with yourself, and those you love the most.



Exploring Creative Thoughts & Ideas                  Richard & Lynn Voigt

210 Pages     $14.95    8.5” x 11” Format     B/W Framed Blank Pages

ISBN-13: 978-1-940961-37-8     ISBN-10: 1940961-37-8

People frequently ask Lynn and me why we keep sketchbooks and journals. As teachers, authors and artists, we’ve learned they are a great way to keep ideas, images and thoughts well organized so that we can locate them quickly as needed.
Sketchbooks are light, inexpensive and portable and they can be accessed day or night without the need for any electrical connection. It’s also a great way to observe the progression of ideas over time.
Keeping a sketchbook fosters the ability to focus and observe a given subject or concept. It’s a great way to develop new skills in freehand sketching as a way to explore and experiment with new ideas and concepts.
Sketching is also an effective method of visualizing and communicating ideas. It can help an idea to take shape. Keeping a sketchbook encourages deeper levels of thought, refines hidden talents and documents crucial life skills of creative problem solving.
A sketchbook is far more than a book filled with blank pages. Sketchbooks are opportunities waiting to be filled with inspirational thoughts and ideas that reflect the genius of the artist hidden within.
Have fun exploring your ever-expanding gifts and talents in keeping your sketchbook alive and productive.



Journaling Your Lighthouse Adventures       Richard & Lynn Voigt          

210 Pages         $45.95         6×9 Format       190 Full Page Color Images

ISBN-13: 978-1-940961-29-3     ISBN-10: 1-940961-29-7

This Lighthouse Bucket List is the perfect journal for enthusiasts who are fascinated by lighthouses around the United States and the world, and who’d like to visit each one on their bucket list adventures.

We’ve included lighthouse images from around the United States, up both East and West coasts, the Gulf of Mexico and the Great Lakes. Each lighthouse is labeled by name and state location along with a journaling page for personal notations about your visit.

This bucket list also includes a personal check-off list for 390 U.S. lighthouse destinations you may want to visit. We encourage you to visit them all, and many more. By the time your journal is completed, you’ll be able to publish your own book of all the fun places you took the time to visit.

If you’re ready to begin your Lighthouse Bucket List adventures with book in hand, it’s time to jump in the car or contact your travel agent and begin planning the trip of a lifetime.




Experience The Endless Gifts Of Life      Richard & Lynn Voigt

120 Pages     $ 24.95     6 x 9 Format   112 Full Page Color Art Images

ISBN: 978-1-940961-28-6    ISBN: 1-940961-28-9

It is never too early for a man, woman, or child to explore the magic inside a gratitude journal. In today’s competitive world we strive to achieve a better life for ourselves and our family. It’s when we spend our thoughts on what others have and compare it to what we have, that a dangerous misunderstanding of responsibility distorts our mindset. There will always be others who seem to have more and many more who have far less.

Your gratitude journal is a record of what you’ve accomplished. It’s a clear indicator of where your thoughts reside. Stop comparing and begin stepping out into your own passions. This will quickly reveal the endless opportunities that exist.

Now it’s totally up to you to decide what directions you wish to pursue. No matter what your age or situation, it’s time for you to experience the magic inside your gratitude journal and experience the endless gifts of life.



Experience The Magic Of Keeping A Gratitude Journal          

111 Pages       $ 24.95       6×9 Format       104 Full Page Color Images

ISBN: 978-1-940961-27-9     ISBN: 1-940961-27-0

It’s been said that mankind needs 3 things: 1. a warm and friendly place to call home. 2. meaningful work that makes one feel productive and appreciated. 3. and finally a place to unwind and relax in order to escape day-to-day stress or to avoid a hum-drum existence….

So if you desire more out of life, feel something is missing, it’s time to begin your Gratitude Journey, take a giant leap of faith and record where being grateful directs your new journey.


Gratitude Journal For Men On A Success Oriented Mission - RIVO Inc. - RIVO Books


On A Success-Oriented Mission

111 Pages         $ 29.95           8.5 x 11 Format       104 Full Page Color Images

ISBN: 978-1-940961-26-2     ISBN: 1-940961-26-2

This Gratitude Journal for men will challenge the hardiness of men to define and refine their success oriented mission on a daily and weekly basis.  Each week will clarify exactly what will be accomplished and the gratitude that produces results. It’s the perfect journal for men who desire to see success in every aspect of their life unfold before their eyes….

Despite what some may think, competent men on a success-oriented mission fully understand and appreciate loving relationships, great health, a productive career, and money in the bank at the end of the day. But at times men have difficulty expressing their true feelings with others and may not fully trust themselves. And as trust becomes a major factor in finding and keeping long-lasting and loving relationships, men continue their drive to be successful.



For Girls Who Love Having Fun

82 Pages      $ 19.95       6×9 Format      72 Full Page Color Images

ISBN: 978-1-940961-25-5     ISBN: 1-940961-25-4

“grat•i•tude” – the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness….

Young girls may just want to have fun, but trying to figure out your personal life in the real world where you long to fit in, be appreciated, and loved for who you are, isn’t easy thanks to social media. You strive to make new friends you feel you can trust, sharing photos and personal information. Unfortunately it isn’t always received with the same kindness and appreciation you expected.

Gratitude empowers girls with a powerful tool that improves all life experiences filled with sincere appreciation for fun, friendship, and social perspective.



Attracting More Joy & Happiness Into Your Life

90 Pages         $24.95        6×9 Format        82 Full Page Color Images

ISBN: 978-1-940961-24-8     ISBN: 1-940961-24-6

How many times have you found yourself focused mostly on being angry or upset with yourself, someone else or something perhaps beyond your control? The real question you need to ask is, what exactly did all that energy of anger and frustration accomplish? Did it make you happier? Did it add any kind of quality to your life? Did your anger or frustration really change anything?

This is why keeping a gratitude journal becomes a very powerful and satisfying experience. It helps refine and sharpen your mental, physical and spiritual awareness by being conscious of every blessing you have attracted into your life. Your journal establishes a personal commitment to yourself that can bring you true happiness. Once you clarify what brings you happiness, you can begin to explore the real beauty of gratitude?





Loving Relationships, Health & Financial Independence & So Much More

by Richard & Lynn Voigt


122 Pages       $ 19.95        6×9 Format      114 Full Page Color Images

ISBN: 978-1-940961-23-1     ISBN: 1-940961-23-8

When you make time to keep a gratitude journal, you create a powerful mind-body relationship that improves the quality of your life, reduces stress and anxiety, while training your mind to recognize the positive aspects of your life, health and well-being. Recording your daily life is a reflection of being grateful for what you have and isn’t something that’s limited by age, sex or current circumstance.

Everyone needs to feel loved, happy, healthy, worthy and appreciated. We all understand and appreciate having loving relationships, great health, a productive career and money in the bank at the end of the day. And while these are of major importance, consider all of the things that help make life more meaningful, satisfying and fulfilling. It may start with a sincere smile from a complete stranger or maybe an unexpected visit from an old friend.

Most of all, keeping a gratitude journal is a fun and satisfying experience. Gratitude reflects a sincere desire in appreciating everything you currently hold dear and precious.

Gratitude is simply the ‘Law of Attraction” in action keeping score. It’s time to begin recording everything for which you are grateful.

We wish you a wondrous and joyful gratitude journey. Sincerely, Lynn & Richard

Now Available On Amazon




Recording A Meaningful, Satisfying & Fulfilling Life

by Richard & Lynn Voigt


132 Pages         $12.95       6 x 9 Format   124 Full Page B/W Images

ISBN-13: 978-1940961224     ISBN-10: 194096122X

We all know that the strength of all life-decisions relies upon the strength of its foundation. So the goal of this 30-day self-directed adventure is discovering what works and what doesn’t. Each day records the results of your efforts, priorities, habits and routines that are based upon your belief system. It’s this system that is either helping or hindering you from experiencing the real power behind living a more meaningful, satisfying, and fulfilling life where daily outcomes are malleable and ever-changing.

Your Life Matters was specifically written for those who truly believe that their life matters, not just for one day, but throughout everyday of their life adventures. While recording a 30-day journey may appear to be a monumental task, so is walking.    Walking requires that we learn to take one step at a time, just like taking one day at a time, in order to move from point A to point B, then C, continuing through your self-directed reality adventures.

Don’t dismiss the value of ‘Flash Memory’ those spontaneous random thoughts that flash through your mind, your dreams, ideas, and moments of true inspiration. While recording your experiences, your commitment to completing goals, daily tasks, and action plans, you’ll soon recognize how temporary setbacks can lead you to creating exciting and successful solutions.





My 30-Day Journal Of Self-Directed Adventures

by Richard & Lynn Voigt


72 Pages        $19.95         8.5″ x 11″ Format   64 Full Page Color Images

ISBN-13: 978-1940961217     ISBN-10: 1940961211

“My Life Matters” was specifically written for those who truly believe that their life matters, not just for one day, but throughout everyday of their life adventures. While recording a 30-day journey may appear to be a monumental task, so is walking. Walking requires that we take one step at a time, just like one day at a time, in order to finally move from point A to point B, then C, continuing through your self-directed adventures.

My Life Matters, recording your 30-day inspirational journey, is really about setting up a broad foundation of actionable daily success rituals, and perhaps more importantly, seeing your life from a powerful mindset and perspective of sincere gratitude as your living foundation.

The opportunity to record your journey by taking action, RIGHT NOW. Who knows what adventures you are about to experience! So, let’s begin!

Now Available On Amazon



52 Two Become One Med

TWO BECOME ONE: College, Dating, Teaching & Marriage

by Lynn Susan Andrae Voigt


Episode 2 – My Memoires       247 Pages      36 B/W Family Photos

ISBN-13: 978-1-940961-13-2                ISBN-10: 1940961130

Lynn’s 2nd Autobiographic Episode #2 – My Memories

     Lynn expands upon her happy life adventures that she describes in her first autobiographical memoir titled, “Second Of Five – From Birth Through High School.”

     In this second of three autobiographical memoirs, “Two Become One – College, Dating, Teaching & Marriage,” Lynn bravely ventures out on her own, working summers, commuting to school daily, meeting new friends, tackling challenging class assignments, maintaining a strong GPA, and helping her family at home, while experiencing brand new life adventures at a time when yet another war was looming nearer.

     “A Shy, small town girl meets her knight in shining armor at big city college, and lives happily ever after.”  This was the dream of many a young woman in the late 1960’s.  Debby Reynolds and Sandra Dee played my part in all the romantic movies based on this plot.  Could it – would it happen to me?

     I was about to take on that challenge and see where life would take me.  My adventure would open my innocent eyes to the horror and protests of the Vietnam War as well as racial tensions, and riots in the city where I would live.  Hippy love was bursting forth bringing flower power and young love right into my life, inspiring changes my  father noticed with parental angst and humor.      Yes, my life was about to blossom in the most fantastic directions!  College would be exciting but also challenging as I was about to be dropped from the School of Education.   With the help of my family and friends would I grow into the teacher I had been inspired to be by my own First Grade teacher, and hopefully the confident person I felt I could be?

Come join me in my second life adventure.  See how teaching in the big city would teach me some of life’s real lessons, as I became part of the lives of children who struggled just to survive and yet were able to find happiness at school.  And see how my Art classes would bring me true love and my best friend and change my life forever as Two Become One and beyond….

Now Available On Amazon


Richard’s Latest Release



Much More Than Just Another Coloring Book

100 Amazing Coloring Book Challenges

by Richard Marvin Voigt – aka RIVO


WARNING: This Drawing Technique Is Addictive

A Fun Coloring Book Challenges Perfect For Children Of Any Age!

8.5 x 11″ edition – 236 pages    100 Author’s B/W Doodling Drawings

ISBN-13: 978-1-940961-20-0                ISBN-10: 1940961203

Unlike most coloring books, the concept behind ‘Doodling For Adults’ illustrates a unique step-by-step guide to truly imaginary doodling. Each image will challenge your imagination as you decide where to add more shapes, dynamic textures, striking patterns, and vivid colors.

Research shows that doodling is truly a natural, healthy and creative experience that helps you remain alert while in a relaxed state of mind. Doodling during meetings can actually help you retain information.

‘Doodling For Adults’ is an exciting drawing technique that allows you to record fresh ideas while relaxing your mind. Just like putting puzzle pieces together, this book teaches you how to enter deeper levels of creative problem solving. It frees you from relying on old, preconceived ideas, thus heightening your clarity and creativity.

While this drawing technique was originally designed to help busy adults who have forgotten how to relax, it’s also for children of all ages who enjoy unique doodling and coloring experiences.

‘Doodling For Adults’ is a completely new and unique drawing technique that helps regain one’s confidence and pure enjoyment of drawing again. So, get out your art supplies and start having fun adding more shapes, more lines, more textures, and more patterns. Open this amazing book to any page and begin having fun exploring 100 unique doodle designs.


47 SEARCHING FOR SOUL - Revised eCover MED


275 Word Exercises That Can Help Define The Meaning Of Life

compiled by Richard & Lynn Voigt


549 Pages          6″x9″ Format          $24.95

ISBN-13: 978-1-940961-15-6                ISBN-10: 1940961157

“Searching For Soul” provides 275 simple exercises that help you clarify your core beliefs and lovingly allow your Soul to reveal these secret hiding places.

You now have a very special book in your hands whose content is about finding your Soul.  It’s a personal search that directs your thoughts and can help you find the answers you’ve been seeking.

We’ve been taught to accept the answers of others and innocently obey, but rarely question how to think on our own without the approval of others. We’re confused, angry, and frustrated with the way our life is headed.  We simply want to live a happier, loving, and more meaningful life.




500 Inspirational & Motivational Quotations About Soul

complied by Richard & Lynn Voigt


Sorry – Currently Available Only To Our Classroom Students

94 Pages                      $14.95

ISBN-13: 978-1-940961-16-3     ISBN-10: 1940961165

Quotations about Soul from Plato to contemporary authors, artists, poets, musicians, philosophers, world leaders, and even unique thinkers on social media.

Open this book before you start or end each day and find a quote that brings a smile to your heart.  You may even want to create a series of post notes and anonymously post them around your apartment, home or at the office and see whose day you’ll brighten.

If you ever wondered how to clarify your Soul and where it resides, these quotations will quickly open your eyes and become your favorite daily companion.

This is the perfect companion for people who appreciate positive thoughts to brighten their day.

You’ll want to share these quotations with family and friends who may be going through a difficult time or just need a little pick me up inspiration and motivation.




901 Garden Poems, Quotations And Classic Words Of Wisdom

compiled by Richard & Lynn Voigt


133 Pages                    $14.95

ISBN-13: 978-1-940961-17-0     ISBN-10: 1940961173

This unique collection consists of historic proverbs, poems and contemporary thoughts and ideas from writers, artists, poets, scholars, philosophers, musicians, scientists, celebrities, religious leaders, presidents, and avid gardeners from around the world featuring 901 inspirational garden conversations.

You can open any page and find some of the most beautiful poems and thoughts on gardening, flowers, and nature that are powerful and delightful to share with family and friends. This is one of those timeless editions that families will want to pass from generation to generation.

It’s one of those special collections that helps put a smile on your face, brightens your day, and enlightens your spirit. We’re truly confident you’ll absolutely love this delightful garden collection of classic words of wisdom!



Baby Names – 2014 Edition

36,000 Baby Names & Nicknames

11,250 Baby Names with origins and meanings

2,000 of the most popular BabyNames

and 100 Top Baby Names

compiled by Richard & Lynn Voigt


629 Pages                    $29.95

ISBN-13: 978-1-940961-12-5     ISBN-10: 1940961122


This amazing collection is the perfect companionin finding over 36,000 unique Baby Names,but also provides a great resource for fun and clever Nicknames for your friends, family members, co-workers, pets, and belovedman-made objects of desire and pleasure.

Names give us our identity. As location,location, location is important to real estate, so is the power hidden within aname extremely important to the person wearing it.  Whether forename, surname, nickname, title,alias, or a change in name, names play a very important role in our lives.  Since recorded history, names have allowed usto become familiar with people we have never known and places to which we maynever have traveled.

The psychological and financial impact associatedwith each name is known to play either a positive or negative role in school,business, and even personal relationships. Name identity is very important within our world culture.  People legally change their names due tomarriage, divorce, business, theatrical, or for reasons of personal choice.

The world has now become our Global palette, uponwhich, we each make our own unique mark. At this point in history we find ourselves exposed to unlimited culturalconnections.  Within this wonderful worldof diversity many unique Baby Namescan be found or formed, which we hold personally meaningful and beautiful toour ears, and which we can give as gifts to others.

It has been said that names should appeal to theimagination.  So, have fun and becreative!  As you begin looking for thatspecial name or nicknames, feel free to modify any name you see on our MasterList to fit your needs, wants, and desires. This is your opportunity to sculpture visual and vocal patters in creatinga very unique Baby Name or Nickname,and give it as a gift of love and respect.



POWER PHRASES Pro Edition – Volumes 1-10 (Complete Series)

5000 Power Phrases That Trigger Greater Profits        

compiled by Richard & Lynn Voigt


143 Pages                    $47.00

ISBN-13: 978-1-940961-11-8     ISBN-10: 1940961114



Develop your own private marketing library of ideas

5000 Power Phrases That Trigger Greater Profits

What do Marketing Millionaires know that you don’t?  You’d be surprised!

They know how to consistently pull money out of thin air, like a printing press, simply by using their secret language of Power Phrases.  Even their use of very simple phrases effectively catch your psychological attention, sometimes without you even knowing how they did it.

So the next time you open an email, click on an ad, read a magazine or newspaper, keep a keen eye open for this powerful language.


Each unique 26-page volume contains a powerful collection of 500 Power Phrases that we have spent over 3 years researching, identifying, and refining the precise phrasing language of Marketing Millionaires.  Now we’re finally ready to share with this amazing collection with You!

Once you see exactly what power phrases they’ve used to get even you to open you wallet, you’ll be able to apply the power of these phrases with little or no modification to ramp up your marketing campaign just like the big guys/gals do.  Grab your softcover volume for under 10 bucks.

500 POWER PHRASES – Volumes 1

500 POWER PHRASES – Volumes 2

500 POWER PHRASES – Volumes 3

500 POWER PHRASES – Volumes 4

500 POWER PHRASES – Volumes 5

500 POWER PHRASES – Volumes 6

500 POWER PHRASES – Volumes 7

500 POWER PHRASES – Volumes 8

500 POWER PHRASES – Volumes 9

500 POWER PHRASES – Volumes 10

5000 POWER WORDS – Pro Edition

Each collection of 500 Red Hot Power Phrases not only saves you time and money but will help jump-start your creative brain in ways you may have never considered. Simply open this amazing collection to any page and find your perfect power phrase.

All it may take is simply adding or replacing ONE word.  It’s simple, quick, and easy!

1.  Want to create more powerful profitable campaign offers?

2.  Thinking of revitalizing a more professional business identity?

3.  Want to update old product or service media advertisements?

4.  Searching for fresh ideas that could improve sales and profits?

5.  Looking for brand new ways to create stronger media sales copy?

6.  Ready to use millionaire strategies advancing you to the next level?

500 POWER PHRASES is exclusively for professional Internet Marketers, authors, advertisers, executives, business owners, TV & radio reporters, entrepreneurs,  administrators, managers, supervisors, teachers and students who want to find and access unique phrases for marketing slogans, presentation bullet points, and interview sound bites that powerfully paint dreams, sell ideas, and market your message.

Stop wasting valuable time, money, and energy racking your brain for new ideas. Create more profitable power phrase marketing campaigns for all your products, services, slogans, bullet points, and interview sound bites that finally grab and hold people’s attention and trigger greater profits?

You now have a very powerful and professional marketing tool in your hand. We are confident that you know how to use it wisely in order to maximize the potential of all your marketing campaigns!



SECOND OF FIVE – My Early Years

From Birth To High School

Episode 1 – My Memories by Lynn Susan Andrae Voigt


238 Pages      $14.95

ISBN-10: 1940961009     ISBN-13: 978-1-940961-00-2

The War was over and the GI’s came home to start their families and their lives.  On a cold winter evening in Milwaukee, WI  just weeks before the famous Blizzard of ’47 as her mom was about to enjoy Queen Anne cherries for dinner, I would become the second of five children in the growing family.

When I was born, my dad called me Suzie but my older brother pronounced it Boozie.  This was the beginning of my humorous and always challenging life in a large family at the beginning of the Baby Boom Generation.

Moving in with our twinkly-eyed grandfather after living in Post War barracks gave my life even more family adventures as I started school in my dad’s old grade school, Keefe Avenue.  It was walking home from this school that I almost got killed, and it changed our lives forever.

My story is told with love and laughs as I recall, as best as I can, our family vacations and collections of pets in small town Cedarburg.  Join me as I grow taller than all the boys in my class, learn the science of Psychology by babysitting, and buy my first Beatles album with my sister.

Discover my secrets for getting out of Math class, and how to continue playing with dolls beyond the normal age.  Our free time was spent at our Public Library which was so small it was above the only Fire Station with its volunteer staff or the new swimming pool that was built just two blocks from our home.

Somehow I lived in a time when I could safely walk home alone in the dark but be frightened speechless by my high school English teacher and by watching the movie “The Portrait of Dorian Gray” at my own birthday slumber party.

Makes you wonder if any of the boys finally got tall enough or if I ever over came my shyness to finally go out on a date.  Come join my life and see what it’s like to grow up with a large family in a small town called Cedarburg, Wisconsin.




100 Ideas That Can Add Unlimited Subscribers To Your Lists

compiled by Richard & Lynn Voigt


44 Pages      $7.95

ISBN-13: 978-1492700586      ISBN-10: 1492700584

People develop lists for many things they do in their lives.  If you have a party or a wedding, there’s a guest list.  If you are a member of a club or organization, there’s a membership list.

In fact, you’re probably on lists that you don’t even know about, like those dreaded telemarketer lists.  Lists are an organizational tool we use in many aspects of our lives. We even have grocery lists.  Lists have stood the test of time for one reason – they’re effective!

There are many types of business, and even a wider variety of customers.  No matter what type of business you’re running online, actual brick and mortar, small business, large business you have to have a way to stay in touch with your current customers and potential customers.

Practically everyone has an email account.  You can probably count on your hands the number of your customers that don’t have one.  For that reason, building an email list is one of the most effective, inexpensive ways to grow your business.

There are many methods you can use to build your list.  There are also some things you should do and not do.  Inside are 100 ideas and tips you can use that will help you in growing quality lists that can help your product, service, or company expand marketing eyeballs.




That Inspire Happiness, Success & A Clearer Understanding Of Life

Compiled by Richard & Lynn Voigt


Title ID: 4432158   204 Pages

ISBN-13: 978-1492378211 ISBN-10: 1492378216

In-spir-ing Thoughts  –  Intended to arouse, stimulate, quicken, animate, redirect, replicate, influence, and inspire.   Isn’t it really amazing how powerfully our thoughts govern that which inspires us to ignore, act or react to a given set of circumstances?

No matter where we are in life, whether at school, home, or work and even while we attempt to relax, have fun, and play, our thoughts are constantly creating the life we know.

These same overpowering thoughts constantly drive our behavior, establish our attitudes, and influence our actions, our spirit, our dreams, and especially our health.  For we become our thoughts.   But what happens when times get tough, rough, and even brutal? Who’s there to save us from self-destruction?

After all, it takes a lot of effort to accept responsibility, dust off guilt, stand tall, take back one’s dignity and self-worth after the loss of a loved one, a job, a business, divorce, bankruptcy, or health.  In times like these, we all need to embrace inspiration from those who truly have a clearer insight and understanding of life, happiness, and success.

But change doesn’t happen overnight. It does occur when we take action and reboot our brains with the kind of thoughts we want to stroke via our mental keyboard.  Start hitting the “Delete Key” and reshape every negative thought that starts roaming around in our head. Create new thoughts and habits that control new powers and alter the things you really do not want.

Herein resides an incredible collection of powerful thoughts from amazing people who, both past and present, have graciously shared their approach to happiness and success.  Their words of wisdom and inspirational ideas, suggests we replicate and fabricate new desired outcomes that create the daily reality we truly desire.

Lynn and I thank you in advance for allowing us the opportunity to share our personal collection of 1001 Inspiring Thoughts that inspire happiness, success and a clearer understanding of life.





Tapping Into Miracles, Fairies, Dreams, Spells & Healing

compiled by Richard & Lynn Voigt

204 Pages        8.5” x 11” Color Illustrated Publication

ISBN-13:978-1492352181      ISBN-10:1492352187

(Request Your Personal Copy Here)

FIVE BOOK COLLECTION – Volume 1 is a unique collection consisting of 5 essays on understanding and using; THE MAGIC OF MIRACLES.  The dictionary defines the word “miracle” as an extraordinary, unusual or supernatural event that manifests divine intervention in the affairs of men.  When miracles happen, laws of nature are broken and a higher being is at work. This higher being is what most people usually refer to as God. Some miracles are attributed to miracle workers, saints or even religious leaders because it is believed that God works through them.

GUIDE TO THE WORLD OF FAIRIES  A fairy is a sort of mythical being or fabled creature in European folklore, a sort of spirit, frequently distinguished as metaphysical, supernatural or preternatural. Fairies resemble assorted beings of other mythologies, although even folklore that utilizes the word fairy provides many definitions.

DREAMS INTERPRETATION  Dreams are easily molded by elements in your life and spirit, and these influences produce “categories” that are nearly infinite. We do widely categorize them in terms like “prophetic, regular, physical and nightmare” (to name simply a few). A lot of things may be gained from dreams, better wellness (mental and physical), amusement and even financial gain!

SPELL CASTER  Many individuals wish to learn Witchcraft as they believe it’s going to be a fast and simple way to rewards. They believe that you follow the instructions to light a candle, state a few words, and whoosh– stuff happens. It doesn’t really happen like that.

ANGELIC REIKI  Angelic Reiki is the total joy of working hand in hand with the Angelic Kingdom of Light to bring one of the greatest forms of healing to people, human consciousness and the Earth.




15,800 Curious Words That Challenge Your Mind & Expand Your Thoughts

compiled by Richard & Lynn Voigt


445 Pages            $20.95

ISBN-13:978-1492343554      ISBN-10:1492343552

Cu-ri-ous – Eager to know or learn something strange, unusual, odd, peculiar, bizarre, weird, eccentric, offbeat, surprising, extraordinary, unfamiliar, or unconventional.

The words we use define not only who we are but what we become. This unique collection of over 15,000 strange and curious words – defined – will challenge your mind and expand your thoughts.

We are the keepers of our mind big or small.  We chose to allow a certain number of words into our life influenced by our family and friends.  Why limit your life by using the same words over and over again. It’s time to expand your vocabulary and make your life more dynamic and fun by creating stimulating and curious conversations.

Words are the ammunition in your verbal clips of life that allow you to target your aim with refined precision expanding your expressive flair in your unique day-to-day conversations.

Many of these words are seldom uttered, let alone used in everyday communications.  They are rare, strange and even funny to look at or pronounce. Perhaps they were only meant for wordsmiths, crossword puzzles, Spelling Bees, or to impress friends and colleagues.

By no means is our list complete due to the unlimited variances even within a single one or meaning. One can only wonder who invented them, if only to see if we are really paying attention.

So, whether a wordsmith, crossword puzzler, spelling-bee contestant student, teacher, nurse, architect, construction worker, marketer, artist, scientist, auto mechanic, doctor, author or lawyer, it’s never too late to add new curious word clips to your vocabulary.


28 BABY NAMES 2013


25,350 Baby Names & Nicknames

For Your Family Friends & Pets Including: 

 Top 100 Names,  2,000 Most Popular Names,

& 7,000 Names with Origin & Meaning  

Compiled by Richard & Lynn Voigt


MASSIVE 697 Pages    $24.95

ISBN-13: 978-1482795066      ISBN-10: 148279506X

We want to personally congratulate you on your new journey, whether it’s your first baby and you’ve been blessed with an expanding family. We know this collection will now make it much easier for you to find that perfect Baby Name.

With our collection of 25,350 Baby Names, plus 7,000 names with origins and meanings, along with a list of the current top 100 Baby Names and the 2,000 most popular names, you now have the perfect guide to find the ideal name for your new baby; a book that you can pass down to your children.

Having been blessed with three children of our own, we do understand the difficult choices you’re about to make. For some families it’s about tradition and naming your baby after, or in honor of, a family member.  For others, it’s about being special, unique and creative.

If you’re also searching for great Nicknames for your family, friends, pets, objects, and co-workers, then you’ll also find this book making that task easy, quick, and lots of fun.

Ultimately, it’s a search to find a name that’s distinctive and likable and doesn’t match or rhyme with embarrassing words. Consider your given name.

Remember, the name you select will become a thoughtful gift that will last a lifetime.

Within these 697 pages resides the perfect name or nickname, and now it’s time to whittle down the list of great possibilities. Let this incredible experience begin.  Have Fun and Enjoy!




A MASSIVE COLLECTION: 175,000 Word Phrases That

Paint Dreams, Sell Ideas, And Market Your Message

Great Ideas For Ad Agency, Authors, Students & Teachers

Compiled by Richard & Lynn Voigt


Massive 636 Pages

ISBN-13: 978-1482640779                        ISBN-10: 1482640775

As you already know, headlines have proven to be the lifeblood behind every great idea or business venture. No matter whether you are introducing a brand new product, teaching a “How To” skill, building a website, promoting or simply sending an email, creating eyeball catching Headlines are crucial.

Our collection of 175,000 words in over 32,700 unique Headline Starters is meant to help create very powerful marketing tools for both you and your client’s, online and/or offline, marketing campaigns.




400 Garden Quotes From The Earth To Your Soul

compiled by Richard & Lynn Voigt


118 Pages        $9.95

ISBN-13: 978-1482620870      ISBN-10: 1482620871

Our collection of over 400 inspirational Garden Quotations has grown over the years, and we wanted to share them with you. It consists of historic proverbs and personal thoughts from writers, artists, philosophers, celebrities, presidents, and avid gardeners from around the world over centuries.




10,240 Career Paths That Can Change Your Life!

compiled by Richard & Lynn Voigt


174 pages        $12.95

ISBN-13: 978-1481249621      ISBN-10: 1481249622

Marketing your message just got easier with Money Words.

MONEY WORDS – Powerful Phrases That Million Dollar Copywriters Use To Make Piles Of Cash On Demand! MONEY WORDS Is The Ultimate Weapon When It Comes To Creating Profitable Sales Letters, Squeeze Pages, Emails, Social Media & Blog Posts to paint your dreams, sell your ideas, and market your messages! Marketing your message just got easier with Money Words. After all, these are the powerful Money Words and phrases copywriters use to capture more eyeballs faster, save money, and accomplish more in less time for any person or business entity, online or offline. You could hire expensive copywriters providing you have lots of money to waste. But for most people it’s very hard to hand over huge amounts of money when they’re on a small budget. Consider this, if a copywriter is a soldier, then Money Words are the bullets he needs to go into battle. No bullets? Well… then you know what happens next. That’s when Money Words become a marketer’s most prized weapon. 21 new categories can skyrocket your sales and minimize your efforts! Each of our 21 Money Word Categories provides a minimum of 100 fresh new ideas, consisting of 4,275 powerful phrases to help jump-start your marketing campaigns in any niche. Don’t feel lost searching for great ideas, words, and keyword phrases. You now have the ultimate collection of Money Words in your hands!




10,240 Career Paths That Can Change Your Life!

Thousands of Careers You Never Knew Existed

Compiled by Richard & Lynn Voigt


178 Pages        $12.95

ISBN-13: 978-1481115643      ISBN-10: 1481115642

10,240 Job Titles to help jump-start your career, whether graduating from high school, college, or simply searching for a brand new career.

Not since the Great Depression of 1929 has unemployment and job creation become the daily focus of global media conversation. With unemployment, home foreclosure, and poverty being at an all time high, jobs are crucial to rebuilding confidence and economic growth.

With that in mind, the purpose of this book was to compile a list of Job Titles to help jump-start one’s career, whether graduating from high school, college, or simply searching for a brand new job, career, or lifestyle.

No matter your interests or skill sets, this book was designed to inspire you to rethink the possibilities in choosing a new career path. The point being, it’s never too soon, or too late, to start your new journey.

Instead of feeling hopeless, unskilled, or unemployed, you always have the opportunity to start and restart your life.

So, sit back, take a deep breath and open this book to any page, and start exploring new career paths you didn’t even know existed.





3,500 Outrageous Silly Brain Toots!

compiled by Richard & Lynn Voigt

Sorry – Only Used In Our Classroom Sessions

118 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1477670118


In our never ending quest to butter you up and spread some funny silly expressions for your brain to consume, contemplate, and coagulate your arteries, here is Volume 2 with 3,500 more outrageous funny headlines and silly brain toots that both entertain, add curiosity and can become a marketer’s best friend. We wanted to put together lots of silly stuff we’ve been gathering over the years that we thought would help you crack a smile or maybe even bust a gut.  Some of these are real headlines seen on billboards, church bulletins, jokesters, and lots silly email headlines we’ve gathered for your enjoyment. In today’s world, humorous headlines rule. Headlines are the single most powerful marketing tool mankind has ever created and perhaps Funny Headlines now draw an even greater impact especially when you’re trying to grab attention to your ideas So, whether you’re just reading for fun, starting or running a small business, writing a book, teaching a lesson, or creating a book report, using Funny Headlines can produce amazing results and rewards that can quickly turn you into a Marketing Genius. Whenever you need an extra jolt of “Humor” or silly ideas, just pull out this incredible collection and get your juices flowing.

Caveat: Avoid wetting your pants if you intend to read these in public or at work!





3,500 Outrageous Silly Brain Toots!

compiled by Richard & Lynn Voigt

Sorry – Only Used In Our Classroom Sessions

126 Pages

ISBN-13: 978-1475257632

In our never ending quest to butter you up and spread some funny silly expressions for your brain to consume, contemplate, and coagulate your arteries, here are 3,500 outrageous funny headlines and silly brain toots that both entertain, add curiousity and can become your best marketing friend.

In today’s world, humorous headlines rule. Headlines are the single most powerful marketing tool mankind has ever created and perhaps Funny Headlines now have even greater impact. Thanks to today’s news, headlines have become the lifeblood behind every newspaper, radio, television, movies, billboards, website, magazine covers, email, blog, and business venture. Everyone and everything is trying to grab our attention.

Whether starting or running a small business, writing a book, teaching a lesson, or creating a book report, your use of Funny Headlines can produce amazing results & rewards that can quickly turn you into a Marketing Genius. Whenever you need an extra jolt of “Humor” or ideas, just pull out this incredible collection.

Caveat: Avoid wetting your pants if you intend to read these in public or at work!




21,400 Unique Baby Names & Nicknames

compiled by Richard & Lynn Voigt


312 Pages                    $12.95

ISBN-13: 978-1475198799      ISBN-10: 1475198795

So what’s in a name? Just about everything! Names give us our identity. Just as location is important to real estate, so is the hidden power within a name very important to the person wearing it. A unique name can open endless opportunities. It has been said that names should appeal to the imagination. Today, we continue to search for names and nicknames which more meaningfully reflect our children, family, friends, pets, and natural and man-made objects that we love and adore. Many cultures used nature and its elements to individualize a child’s identity. Whether to honor the living or the dead, names have and always will be our gift to each other. Look and listen carefully for the amazing gifts hidden within the sounds of unique names and nicknames

Now you can find the perfect name for your baby with this massive collection of 21,400 unique baby names & nicknames.

With this book you can give your baby the eternal gift of a name that will help shape their destiny for a lifetime.




(Request Your Copy Here & Include This Title)

Monetize Your Social Life

How To Make Money With Facebook And Affiliate Products

compiled by Richard & Lynn Voigt

218  Pages       ISBN-13: 978-1470182199

Learning how to monetize your social life with Social Media and Affiliate Marketing is a wonderful way to add extra cash to your pocket.  It’s time to learn how to monetize your social life with fan pages and high-ticket affiliate marketing products and services.  In truth, it a lot of fun and really very easy get started if you haven’t already. This book will show you how to get it done!



WI GARDEN – Let’s Get Dirty!

Our Wisconsin Garden Guide Promoting Delicious, Healthier

Home-Grown Fresh Food, & Tools, Tips, & Ideas That Inspire Gardeners!

by Lynn & Richard Voigt


136 Pages        $ 10.95

ISBN-13: 978-1470166106        ISBN-10: 1470166100

Wisconsin Garden’s amazing seasonal ideas and approach to organic gardening including timely tips, to create your own prolific garden. We’ll discuss tools, plant selections, making compost, container gardening, harvesting your veggies, and many more essential lessons turning you into a passionate gardener who’ll enjoy getting dirty with Mother Nature.

Video Blog 245 – WI GARDEN – Let’s Get Dirty

Spring is here so it’s time to get dirty in the garden.  Yes, we just released our 21st book this year and WI Garden – Let’s Get Dirty is now available as a helpful guide helping you start your first garden.  Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or newbie, you’ll enjoy the tips and techniques we use to produce a healthier home grown organic garden.




(Request Your Copy Here & Include This Title)

Your Right To Wealth 

Becoming Wealthy Isn’t Hard When You Know How

224 Pages        ISBN-13: 978-1470133733

Being wealthy does not have to be difficult if you have the desire and know-how.  In these difficult economic times many people struggle just to get by, scraping enough money together to pay the bills. Fortunately for you, there are dozens, even hundreds of little wealth nuggets that you can easily apply to your life to expand your net worth and double, even triple Your Right To Wealth.




5,000 Marketing Phrases That Sell!

compiled by Richard & Lynn Voigt


368 Pages        ISBN-13: 978-1470062040

More Than Words is a powerful collection of useful marketing phrases that can effectively teach you to paint dreams, sell ideas, and market your message.  This book includes 5,000 great marketing phrases for you to study and personalize for your next promotional marketing campaign. Then it’s up to you to use these power phrases wisely.




WARNING – This Book Teaches You How To Grab Eyeballs

compiled by Richard & Lynn Voigt


204 pages          ISBN-13: 978-1470131685

WARNING: Hypnotic Phrasing will teach you how to grab more eyeballs and increase your business. Whether online or offline, these powerful ideas will help you magnetically draw in more sales. Applying these Hypnotic Phrase Ideas to your marketing campaigns offline and online can give you the powerful edge over your competition to sell anything to anyone in any niche market any time.




6,450 Popular Expressions That Put Words In Your Mouth

compiled by Richard & Lynn Voigt


220 Pages        ISBN-13: 978-1470052850

Every new phrase starts as kind of a cultural fad, but when it goes viral it doesn’t take long for it to stick and spread itself onto everyone’s peanut butter and jelly sandwich. This book contains 6,450 powerful idiom ideas for your next book, song, movie title, or great headline.  Beyond a shadow of a doubt, catchy Idioms are the perfect companion for every aspiring author, artist, song writer, reporter, ad executive, poet, teacher, or student who love using power words.




For Sports Fanatics & Lovers Of Popular Expressions

compiled by Richard & Lynn Voigt


A Goldmine of Information That Leaves A Lasting Impression

152 pages        ISBN-13: 978-1470021573

The Cliché Bible is the most loved collection of Clichés ever assembled!  This compilation contains a total of 8,411 Clichés, which includes 1,533 Sports Clichés and 6,878 Popular Expressions gathered especially for sport fanatics and connoisseurs of timeless popular sayings. You’ll love having this ultimate collection of Great Clichés at your fingertips.




100 Unique Designs For Professionals & Children Of All Ages

Illustrations by Richard Marvin Voigt – aka RIVO


218 pages        ISBN-13: 978-1469980430

This Book Cover Was Recently Retitled: “Doodling For Adults.”

This larger 8.5×11 edition contains all 100 of RIVO unique Doodle Designs specifically created for busy professionals and children of all ages.  Doodle Designs is an exciting drawing technique RIVO introduced to thousands of his students, but especially to those who‘ve lost their confidence in their ability to draw.

Once your mind starts moving your hand you’ll magically start recording your creative impulses and intuitive movements, stretching shapes to fit next to and around other shapes, creating a very unique puzzle. Open any page, and start having fun at any age!




50 New Creations For Professionals & Children Of All Ages

Illustrations by Richard Marvin Voigt – aka RIVO


110 pages        ISBN-13: 978-1469967653

Volume 2 – This 6×9 pocket size edition coloring book contains 50 unique RIVO Doodle Designs specifically created for busy professionals and children of all ages.  Doodle Designs is an exciting drawing technique RIVO introduced to thousands of his students, but especially to those who‘ve lost their confidence in their ability to draw.  Once your mind starts moving your hand you’ll magically start recording your creative impulses and intuitive movements, stretching shapes to fit next to and around other shapes, creating a very unique puzzle. Open any page, and start having fun at any age!




50 New Creations For Professionals & Children Of All Ages

Illustrations by Richard Marvin Voigt – aka RIVO


110 pages        ISBN-13: 978-1469962849

Volume 1 – This 6×9 pocket size edition coloring book contains 50 unique RIVO Doodle Designs specifically created for busy professionals and children of all ages.  Doodle Designs is an exciting drawing technique RIVO introduced to thousands of his students, but especially to those who‘ve lost their confidence in their ability to draw.  Once your mind starts moving your hand you’ll magically start recording your creative impulses and intuitive movements, stretching shapes to fit next to and around other shapes, creating a very unique puzzle. Open any page, and start having fun at any age!



The Golden Vault Of Motivational Quotations

Timeless words of wisdom from the greatest minds
and most inspiring leaders on the planet.


232 pages     $12.95     ISBN-13: 978-1468168495

The Golden Vault Of Motivational Quotations contains 4,013 Motivational Quotations from 1,612 Brilliant Minds, filled with  65,763 Words Of Wisdom. This Golden Vault contains timeless wisdom from the greatest minds and inspiring world leaders, sharing insightful thoughts of excellence, achievement, and core values throughout history.  May our collection of the world’s greatest motivational quotations inspire and motivate you and your followers to live your lives to the fullest potential.




(Request Your Favorite Title Here & Include The Title)

OK, Here’s An Interesting Choice We Wanted To Test Market.  We wrote a book, the ones above, and decided to give each book a slightly different Title.  While the contents are nearly identical, Lynn and I wanted to see which title more people would select.  As soon as we published and made them available to the public, one began selling before the other.  Based on their titles, can you guess which one sells more?  Now you will decide.

Work LESS Accomplish MORE or Work MORE Accomplish Less & GET FIRED!

Which will it be?  Isn’t it time to work less and accomplish more or ssn’t it time you learn how to work more and accomplish less and get fired, so you can royally screw up your life at work and at home?  Here are 101 Productivity Principles to completely “ignore” that will help you get fired and add more misery to your daily lives!  But what if we prefer failure & misery?  The point of work is finding efficient ways to improve how we approach our lives, not just at work, but at home and in our personal lives as well.  Enjoy this psychological twist to working less & accomplishing more!

They both contain 101 great productivity tips that you can apply to your daily life. Productivity is a word that tends to get thrown around a lot, but most middle managers expect you to already know how to hunker down and complete the next job as quickly as possible. Productivity can also be about completing the things you need to do at home, or even during your leisure time. The point is that you can get more things done in less time at work, home, and in your social life.  We will show you how!



Action Headlines have become the single most powerful marketing tool ever unleashed and the lifeblood driving emotional buttons worldwide, instantly capture eyeballs paint dreams, sell ideas, and market messages.

Each of the following volumes contains 206 –pages of fresh, new, and unique 4,999 marketing keyword phrases not found in the other volumes!  Now you can access tens of thousands of truly “Fresh Headline Ideas” to fill a lifetime of marketing projects and campaigns.



ACTION HEADLINES That Drive Emotions – Vol. 1

The Ultimate Companion of 4,999 Powerful Keyword Phrases

That Paint Dreams, Sell Ideas, And Market Your Message

compiled by Richard & Lynn Voigt


206 pages        $12.95       ISBN-13: 978-1468026696



ACTION HEADLINES That Drive Emotions – Vol. 2

The Ultimate Companion of 4,999 Powerful Keyword Phrases

That Paint Dreams, Sell Ideas, And Market Your Message

compiled by Richard & Lynn Voigt


206 pages       $12.95         ISBN-13: 978-1468042184



ACTION HEADLINES That Drive Emotions – Vol. 3

The Ultimate Companion of 4,999 Powerful Keyword Phrases

That Paint Dreams, Sell Ideas, And Market Your Message

compiled by Richard & Lynn Voigt


206 pages        $12.95          ISBN-13: 978-1468042351



ACTION HEADLINES That Drive Emotions – Vol. 4

The Ultimate Companion of 4,999 Powerful Keyword Phrases

That Paint Dreams, Sell Ideas, And Market Your Message

compiled by Richard & Lynn Voigt


206 pages        $12.95      ISBN-13: 978-1468042405



ACTION HEADLINES That Drive Emotions – Vol. 5

The Ultimate Companion of 4,999 Powerful Keyword Phrases

That Paint Dreams, Sell Ideas, And Market Your Message

compiled by Richard & Lynn Voigt


206 pages        $12.95       ISBN-13: 978-1468042580



ACTION HEADLINES That Drive Emotions – Vol. 6

The Ultimate Companion of 4,999 Powerful Keyword Phrases

That Paint Dreams, Sell Ideas, And Market Your Message

compiled by Richard & Lynn Voigt


206 pages        $12.95       ISBN-13: 978-1468042818




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